Welcome to UI Fabrics!


I hope to blog here on a weekly basis about new developments in UI design, specifically surrounding operating systems and platforms.

I’m launching this now because we are at a crucible where the lines between platforms are blurring, and operating systems are becoming irrelevant. Apps, whether native, hybrid or web, are running on increasingly diverse form factors, beckoning new design patterns that scale from tiny to gigantic form-factors. The design process in turn is likely going to change in the next few years to accommodate cross-platform designs. Will it be partially automated? Will there still be room for platform-specific touches? Is a single home button enough? Should app icons all be the same shape? Does the mobile homescreen make sense today? Does the desktop? Those are questions I’d like to explore in this blog. Stay tuned!

Incidentally, today Google is supposedly set to unveil a multi-year effort for a merged operating system, containing parts of Android and parts of Chrome. Depending on what we’ll see today, that will probably form the basis for the first entry on this new blog.

I’m Joen by the way, and I’ve designed things for more than a decade. I’ve done web, Android and iOS development, and I’ve always been fascinated with usability, icon design and operating system design. You can primarily get in touch with me through Twitter. I hope you’ll subscribe and stay tuned. You can grab the RSS feed, or subscribe via email. Nice to meet you, and welcome!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to UI Fabrics!

  1. Enjoying your latest site and articles Joen. I’ve been following you ever since your (still awesome Turtleshell sites- does that make me sound sad, old or both lol!) Wishing you and your family a happy Christmas, and all the best for 2017!

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